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Since I opened my first café almost 10 years ago, I have been obsessed with what my partner and I jokingly call the “homemade religion”.
Our vision is very simple.
If we serve it, it means we made it ourselves.
There are bakers out there, for instance, who can make great bread.
But do their buns taste like Fressen’s?
When you spread our jams, dip a falafel in Fressen’s tomato jam; when you drink our gorgeous ginger ale or try one of Marco’s desserts – what you are doing is having a taste of love, passion and time.

Because we pour our heart into everything we make.
Because it has to be right. Or else we’ll try, over and over again.
And because, above all, we care.

We love what we do.
You just have to enjoy it.

von Fressen